If you ask anyone outside of California, ‘what’s the best shopping spot in Los Angeles?’, you’ll probably hear Beverly Hills come up a lot. However, the real gem of the city’s shopping is the Fairfax District, especially when it comes to streetwear brands. Today, we’re listing the top 5 spots along the hype hotspot of Fairfax.

5. Supreme

Though its mainstream rise has turned it into one of those ‘love it or hate it’ brands, Supreme begins our list in the 5 spot. The New York established brand has a location along Fairfax, which has become so popular that the lines of customers it would form became an issue for the city. The store was forced to put a system in place that texts customers when it’s their turn to enter the store. This location was one of a few to drop the notorious Supreme bricks that retailed at around $30 and are now up to over $1,000 on eBay.

4. The Hundreds

Along with Supreme, The Hundreds was named one of the top five greatest streetwear brands by Complex, and also has a store on Fairfax. The Hundreds also earns its spot on this list with its decor. While the location dons the same white walls and minimalist clothing racks as the rest of the street, it stands out because of a badass sculpture of some sort of dinosaur skeleton made of obsidian.

3. Golf Wang

Tyler the Creator and his Odd Future gang deserve some credit for Fairfax’s rise in popularity. So, it’s only fitting that the rapper opened a store in the area to sell his personal line, Golf Wang. Tyler’s campy, pastel aesthetic can be spotted from almost anywhere on the boulevard, just look for the shoe sticking out of the roof, or the new ‘Igor’ mural!

2. Pink Dolphin

Pink Dolphin secures its spot high on this list because of its unique shopper experience. Although it’s one of the smallest stores on the list, the shop is laid out perfectly to capture its dystopian, Miami Vice vibe. Additionally, the store is separated enough from the other big names, so you will never find yourself waiting in line or shoulder-to-shoulder with others when checking out their drops.

1. Ripndip

What started as a pop-up shop for Ripndip, turned into the brand’s flagship store. The place has everything from the outrageous cat mural on the outside to an inside that can only be described as something out of a Teletubbie’s fever dream. The interior has changed a few times since the store’s opening in 2018, but its uniqueness is unwavering. To top it off, the brand’s price tags won’t leave you in the hole compared to the other players in Fairfax.  Ripndip’s clothing graphics will have you laughing, scratching your head and swiping your card. So, if you’re in store for a pair of white slides with a cat flipping the bird, you only have one place to go!