In 1997, a man entered a small clothing store in New York City. The shopkeeper took interest in the shirt he was wearing and ordered 12 of them from the man. That man was Jeff Staple and Staple Pigeon had its first purchase order. Founded 24 years ago, Staple Pigeon has transformed from a small t-shirt shop to a leader in streetwear. Puma, Nike, Adidas and many more have clamored at the chance to collaborate with the New York brand. At ThreadBeast we take pride in being able to share Staple Pigeon with our members, by including it in our packages every season. We are also excited to announce an upcoming exclusive collab with the renowned streetwear company. Before we get into that, here is our list of favorite collabs, collections and pieces from the elite brand .

Favorite Drop:

Nike SB Dunk “Pigeon” Sneakers

On February 22, 2005, Staple and Nike released the limited “Pigeon” Nike SB Dunk. The scene looked like a  modern day limited Jordan or Supreme drop, but with more insanity. Many streetwear enthusiasts mark this date as the introduction of hypebeasts and sneakerheads to the mainstream. Chaos ensued in Manhattan as people flooded the streets in anticipation for the elusive shoe. Fights broke out, major news outlets came in droves to film the action and even the police were called to tame the crowd. Staple’s SB Dunk influenced sneaker brands to change up their selling techniques. This drop began the trend of streetwear exclusivity and brands only having a limited supply of unique items. Media outlets like Complex and Hypebeast began tailoring their messages to the streetwear obsessed. The Staple Nike SB Dunk “Pigeon” brought streetwear culture to the mainstream and it was never the same. It also made a dirty bird the cleanest logo to show off.

Favorite Piece in ThreadBeast Boxes:

Staple Circuit Baseball Jacket

Here at ThreadBeast our Stylists love picking out unique Staple pieces to send out to our customers. Over the years, we have sent out lightweight hoodies with the Pigeon flying prominently on the chest to sick bomber jackets that are form fitting and feature Staple front and center. Our customers are always asking for more Staple products, but nothing received more praise than the Staple Circuit Baseball jackets we surprised our subscribers with last year. Featured on our Instagram page, this unique, colorful piece had followers flooding our DMs. Many said they would join if we could guarantee this in their next package. The retro looking jacket has you feeling nostalgic right away and the lines on the collar and cuffs give you that varsity look. Our favorite part is the Staple Pigeon with its colorful wings, makes you look like you’re part of an exclusive club. 

Favorite Collab:

Staple X Timberland

Timberland has long been an important part of streetwear culture in New York. Elevated by the hip hop scene in the 90s, its signature work boot is known as a classic that never goes out of style. This seemed like a natural pairing for Staple, since its ties to New York run deep. The two brands collaborated in 2007, 2015 and 2019. The collab created pieces that merged the two logos seamlessly, it’s as if they were made for each other. Our favorite piece from the collabs over the years, is the Staple x Timberland 6 Inch Side Zip Boots. Made with Timberland’s OG wheat color scheme and featuring smooth and hard textures, these boots combined the crispness of Staple and the roughness of Timberland. The gold zippers, white stitching, Timberland watermark and Staple pigeon logo give these boots a flawless look which shows off how long these two brands have worked together. We loved these shoes so much we gave them away to one lucky follower in 2019. 

Favorite Design:

Staple x Zhu Jingyi Hoodie 

In 2018, Staple partnered with Chinese abstract ink artist Zhu Jingyi for a limited edition capsule. Zhu Jingyi is known for taking trees, rocks, landscapes and transforming them into 3D forms that flow off the page. His ink style artwork made for a bold collection from Staple. Each piece of this collab gives the feel of graffiti in Los Angeles or New York City. The Staple Pigeon is intricately drawn with detailed texture and life like wings. Our favorite piece from this collection is the hoodie which features Staple branding on the chest written out as if an artist is signing their name to a work of art. The sleeves have Staple’s signature saying “Flock with us” in the same script as its namesake. This hoodie exudes streetwear culture and looks even better if you have tattoos.

Our Favorite Collection Right Now:

Staple Paradise Collection

Just last month, Staple revealed its collection for Spring 2021. Nothing drew us in more than the Paradise Collection. This collection is filled with cozy pieces that are perfect during this Pandemic time. The clothing is full of warm graphics reminiscent of Miami in the 90s, which makes sense since some of the pieces show off 1997- the date Staple was founded. We love the playfulness of this collection and when you rock this you can’t help but be in a good mood. If you are tired of the cold and want to feel the heat, we recommend purchasing a piece of Paradise from Staple. These items are so different from pieces we have seen in the past which continues to show how Staple keeps evolving.

Our Favorite Upcoming Collab:

Staple X ThreadBeast Exclusive Capsule

After years of partnering with Staple and  including a variety of their pieces in ThreadBeast packages, we thought it was about time for a collaboration. Staple x ThreadBeast is coming in mid March. The capsule will only be sold exclusively through Staple and found in ThreadBeast boxes. The collection includes caps, tees, jackets, hoodies and much more. ThreadBeast and Staple worked together to create the unique shoelace design within the Staple logo and the designs of each individual piece. This collection embodies the long standing relationship between the two streetwear companies. Look out for the Staple X ThreadBeast Capsule Collection to drop on the Staple website and into ThreadBeast boxes in the next couple of weeks! 

This is our first exclusive collab with a streetwear brand, but definitely won’t be our last. We have a lot of surprises for our members in 2021-Stay tuned!