Superdry is one of several big names in fashion that have made their way into ThreadBeast packages. The United Kingdom based brand combines vintage aspects of Americana and Japanese styles to produce unique graphics and a simple but recognizable logo.

The brand opened its first store in London back in 2004. Since then, Superdry has over 500 stores internationally with 21 websites, also operating internationally. Despite a 70% dip in shares the last fiscal year, Superdry remains a relevant fashion giant with fresh strategies to keep up with the new age.

Most recently, 300 customers queued for a Superdry store opening in Australia. To promote the opening, the brand combined the star power of three prominent Tik Tok users.

“Social media is an ever-growing and an ever-changing landscape, it’s inevitable there’s going to be a new platform to take Instagram’s crown,” said Matthew Lozzi, Superdry marketing manager, in an interview with Adnews.

We’ve put together a few of our favorite pieces by Superdry that will serve as some inspo for your next fit.

This first fit is the most flexible of our three picks because it keeps it simple with a Superdry raglan and cuffed jeans over some high top Vans. The socks have a ghost pattern, but even a plain white pair would work here. This can be anyone’s go-to, with an optional outerwear of your choice for colder weather.

Next, we have a Superdry camo-print tee. Any dark pair of jeans will bring out this pattern nicely, but pay attention to the higher cuff on the pants and the no-show socks. This turns the overall look into a summer fit. 

Finally, we have a super casual summer look. A lightweight bomber over a Superdry logo tee and shorts can be perfectly tied together with a pair of white beaters. We recommend the worn-out look for the sneakers because your mint condition AF1’s will simply change the entire aesthetic. Bonus points for a watch to top off the outfit. A leather-strap analog would work best here.