There are monthly subscriptions for just about everything these days, and for mens fashion alone there are over 10 options. In the saturated world of men’s clothing subscriptions, ThreadBeast separates itself with more than just a kick-ass name. Today we’re listing five reasons why ThreadBeast is the best of the monthly subscription boxes for men.

5. The Packaging

Almost none of the monthly clothing boxes offer previews of the contents, meaning the deliveries always feel like unwrapping a birthday gift. ThreadBeast elevates this unboxing experience by using a standard package design with a sleek black colorway, the service’s unmistakable cursive logo and a tantalizing red seal begging to be opened. Members admit to rushing inside when they come home to the black crate of goodies. Side effects may include no longer caring about any other packages in their boring wraps. 

4. The Time-Saver

ThreadBeast’s motto is “one less trip to the mall” which means skipping those lines, avoiding the price tags and saving you hours of decision fatigue in the clothing explosions that are the messy racks of mall stores.

Most subscriptions focus on certain essentials like tops and bottoms, or an array of accessories. ThreadBeast does an excellent job at hooking you up with all of the above and all else in between. The packages contain more than shirts and pants, they can include jackets or trunks depending on the weather; socks and underwear when you’ve washed your current pieces one too many times; even belts and glasses when you’re missing a final piece to tie together your fits.

With ThreadBeast, you’re able to get all you need without having to leave your house, break your bank or overthink your purchases. Not many other subscriptions can claim all of this.

3. The Membership Perks

If ThreadBeast had to rely only on the monthly packages, it would be just fine; however, the service goes beyond just the clothing boxes by hooking members up with gadgets, upgrades and more every month. Past perks included a Tidal membership, Spectacles by Snapchat, vouchers for Stadium Goods and monthly shoe upgrades on any plan. 

ThreadBeast also has built-in loyalty rewards which means benefits for being a long-term member. These rewards range from discounts to bonus items and more.

2. The Brands

Unlike its competitors, ThreadBeast does not offer its own inhouse brand of clothing. Instead, the service carries the biggest names in streetwear such as G-Star, Puma, Superdry and more. This gives new members a clear expectation of what they’ll receive, what it’s actually worth and how it’s going to fit, which all helps curb that hesitation we face when signing up for a new service.

1. The Personal Stylists

A lot of subscriptions rely on profile algorithms and prepackaged merchandise for mass fulfillment, which is just a fancy way of saying you are a number in an equation month-to-month. Although, with ThreadBeast every package is assembled by an individual stylist who manually references your style profile each month.

 Did you start hitting the gym and move down to a medium? Are you sick of a brand because all of your friends are wearing it now? Whatever the case, you can update your style profile whenever and it will be referenced by your stylist for the following packages. As ThreadBeast continues to bring on new partners and brands, you will notice your outfits each month will be exciting new selections based on your core style preferences, unlike the other subscriptions where you’ll notice you’re getting the same mathematically curated arrangement every month.