You’re a few months deep into your ThreadBeast membership and your wardrobe is already on another level, but you realize your room could use an upgrade. Renovations can be a bit pricey, so we’ve thrown together some tips on how to fix up your room without calling HGTV.


It’s easier said than done: “gEt SoMe aRt FoR yOuR rOoM!” The truth is, everybody has a different aesthetic. You could be a hypebeast sneakerhead or a cinephile fanboy, which will determine what poster you’re gonna order from Amazon. Instead, here’s some universal advice when it comes to art.

Posters of any kind tend to look tacky once you’ve graduated from a dorm, but you don’t have to give them up! Opt for a shadow box frame to hang your poster with taste. Look at that, your vintage Batman poster now looks like it belongs in MOCA. 

If posters aren’t your style, try something more functional! Are you a bicyclist? Pick up a wall mount for your bike. There’s plenty online for under $50. If you’re more into “music”, then hang up some records. You don’t even need to own a record player. 


Organization is another case of ‘so obvious, it’s overlooked.’ Keeping your room clean is one thing, but to take it a step further, put everything in a proper place. From the pens and paper scattered across your desk to the overstuffed sock drawer, set a spot for things and put some structure in place. Pick out a pencil holder that matches your preferences for your desk. Rearrange your drawers to something more specific than shirts, underwear and shorts. 

Chances are you have at least a few pairs of shoes if not an entire collection. For this reason, you should have empty space set aside in your closet under whatever is hanging. Use this area to either build or purchase an appropriately sized shoe rack to keep your kicks on display and easy to access. Depending on how you store shoes, you may even consider a hanging shoe organizer from the back of your door.

Apply this mentality to any other eyesores such as hanging phone chargers or your everyday pocket contents that live on your nightstand. Not only is there a container or gadget for organizing everything you could possibly imagine, but there are infinite color schemes and comparable prices, so there’s no excuse!


Once you’ve handled the respective areas, it’s time for the final tip which actually has the biggest impact, accents. These are the small details that tie everything together or, at the very least, fill empty space. Do you have a boring windowsill collecting dust? Get a small plant. If you really want to cut corners, pick up a fake plant from the tantalizing void that is Target’s decor section.

The next step is sticking to a color theme. Your overall aesthetic will differ, but it’s important to be consistent with the main colors of your room. A great starting point is matching your bedspread to your curtains, if you have any. Some safe colors to choose from are navy blues, grays and olive greens. 

If it’s in your budget, consider swapping any old desks, stands or dressers for something more modern and versatile such as black or a darker shade of wood. Most importantly, be consistent in whichever style you go for. 

Finally, stay away from the Pinterest threads and GQ centerfolds, as these are often unrealistic and indicative of someone who doesn’t have their own aesthetic. It’s okay to draw inspiration from others, but establish your own look and own it.