In honor of winter, ThreadBeast introduced some exciting changes for new and long-term members. Between Cyber Monday, loyalty rewards, gift cards and limited edition boxes, it’s as dope as ever to be a part of the ThreadBeast family.

Cyber Monday sales went up over 15% this year with a total of $9.2 billion worth of purchases. ThreadBeast was part of this uptick. For the first-time ever, ThreadBeast utilized its Instagram page along with emails to share limited deals in a Cyber Monday Marathon. Starting at 10 in the morning, ThreadBeast began releasing limited-redemption codes through Instagram posts. One of the first codes was for 90% off an entire package, but was only available to the first few to use it. The rest of the codes varied from 45% to 80% discounts, but all were used by the end of the day.

Just in time for the holiday, ThreadBeast is now offering gift cards. The gift cards start as 3-month subscriptions to either the $55 Basic, $85 Essential or $135 Premium levels, or you can select a customized value.  The move comes after years of moms, girlfriends and roommates asking for a way to gift ThreadBeast to their loved ones.

With all of this excitement around prospective members and new signups, long-term members wondered if they would be factored in. The answer is yes. ThreadBeast has launched an official loyalty reward program, which grandfathers in any long time members. The program awards members 1 point for every dollar spent, and on the higher plans the point value is multiplied. Members can even earn points by sharing their unboxings and participating in contests. Points can be redeemed either on your ThreadBeast packages via discounts and special items like watches and shoes, or members can opt for gift cards to other services like Amazon, Nike, Uber and more.

Finally, what would a service be without themed boxes? Step aside Starbucks holiday cups, ThreadBeast is here with a limited edition Christmas-green package. Members have been posting their unboxings with audible glee when they see the conspicuous green package on their doorsteps. For those gifting a ThreadBeast box for Christmas, the green tint will make it a perfect decoration under your tree this year.

From the ThreadBeast team to you, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Love, Courtney & The TB Fam❤️